TRIIIBE • In Search of Eden

TRIIIBE opened their new exhibition as an empty, 11,000 square foot room at the 808 Gallery at Boston University in the Fall of 2010. The public was invited to explore the exhibit while the space was being transformed using photography, painting, sculpture, and performance.
    In Search of Eden: A Work in Progress was a continuously evolving exhibition that played with cultural ideas of identity and values. The photographs and installation revisited the biblical creation story, the notion of temptation and the eternal quest for Eden.
    Filmmaker, Yari Wolinsky made a series of films documenting the making of the In Search of Eden, A Work in Progress.


Eden 0 - The Teaser


Eden 1 - Genesis


Eden 2 - Into the Garden

Bathing suits and giant apples become the components of a dream vacation as "Fuji," the first of seven triptychs, comes to life.


Eden 3 - Golden Idols

The project moves ahead with the creation of "Pink Lady" and "Golden Delicious", featuring back-alley apple dealing and the perfect nine-foot tall role model.


Eden 4 - Feast and Famine

TRIIIBE pays homage to Vincent Van Gogh's "Potato Eaters" in the creation of "Royal Gala," the fourth triptych in the Eden series.


Eden 5 - No Adulteration

The tempting apple gets sexy in "Red Delicious," the fifth triptych in the Eden series.


Eden 6 - Covet Not

A covetous coven brews a potion of greed in TRIIIBE's "Granny Smith," the 6th triptych of the "In Search of Eden" series.


Eden 7 - Trinity     

With only days to go before the opening of the show, TRIIIBE hits a snag while trying to costume the Casilio sisters as a tree. This film follows the creation of "McIntosh," the 7th triptych of the series.


Eden 8 - A Work in Progress

On a quiet night in November, the mammoth 808 Gallery at Boston University is shrouded in black cloth. A set of curtains parts, revealing a pair of spot-lit sunbathing goggles. In this, the eighth and final film of the series, TRIIIBE's "In Search of Eden, A Work in Progress" moves from the privacy of the studio to this very public 11,000 square foot space...and the music begins.