National Geographic Magazine

A monthly illustration for the science column, Who Knew?, the first of which appeared in the September, 2002 issue of National Geographic Magazine.

Downside of Upright, July 2006
Poison: Twelve Toxic Tales, May 2005
Mind is What the Brain Does, March 2005
Writing on the Land, 84532, Moab Utah, March 2005
Ah, Summertime, 02557, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, June 2003
A Town of Grave Importance, 05641, Barre, Vermont, October, 2003
Dreamweavers - Weaving the Future, January, 2003
Finders Keepers, 71958, Murfreesboro, Arkansas, March, 2002
Diamonds - The Real Story, March, 2002
All the Comforts for the Home on Wheels, 87347, Jamestown, New Mexico, February, 2001
America's Largest Parking Lot, 85346, Quartzsite, Arizona,January, 2001
Surviving Space, January, 2001
New Eyes on the Ocean, October, 2000
Australia, A Harsh Awakening, July, 2000
The Power of Writing, August, 1999
The Quest for Color, July, 1999
Deep in the Heart of Mayaland, November/December, 1998 (National Geographic Traveler)
Living Williamsburg, January/February, 1997 (National Geographic Traveler)
Sir Joseph Banks: The Greening of the Empire, November, 1996
Saving Britain's Shore, October 1995
Wildflowers of Western Australia, January, 1995
Cotton, King of Textiles, June, 1994
Douglas MacArthur, An American Soldier, March, 1992
The National Park Service Turns 75, August, 1991
Inside the Kremlin, January, 1990
Fabric of History - Wool, May, 1988
Sichuan: Where China Changes Course, September, 1985
Silk, The Queen of Textiles, January, 1984
Perth - Fair Winds And Full Sails, May, 1982
Madawaska: Down East With A French Accent, September, 1980
War and Peace in Northern Ireland, April, 1981
The U.S. Virgin Islands, February, 1981
Two Englands, October, 1979
Pennsylvania: Faire Land of William Penn, June, 1978
On The Trail of Wisconsin's Ice Age, August, 1977

Scientific American

Scientific American Magazine  Cary Wolinsky has been a regular contributor of photographic illustration to Scientific American Magazine since 2001.

Science News

Science News Magazine  Cary is a regular contributor for photographic illustration earning many awards for Science News covers.

American Craft

Into the Flow, August/September 2013
Composing Chaos, December/January 2014
Beautiful Impulse, February/March 2014
Art + Science, August/September 2014
Masters: William Carlson, October/November 2014
All Together Now, October/November 2014
Enchanted by Nature, April/May 2015
Many Voices, February/March 2016
Masters: Chris Gustin, October/November 2016

Other Publications

Boston Globe Newspaper and Sunday Magazine, 1968-1972


Soffrito: Tradition & Innovation in Tuscan Cooking, By Benedetta Vitali, Photographs By Cary Wolinsky, Ten Speed Press, 2001

National Geographic, The Photographs, National Geographic,1994

Odyssey, The Art of Photography at National Geographic, Thomasson Grant,1988

Marshmallow Worlds, Grosset & Dunlap, 1972

Publications About Cary

Northern Ireland Through a National Geographic Lens, agendaNi, April/May 2014