performs "Bailouts and bonuses" wall street, NY

Bailouts and Bonuses. When the US government decides to bailout Wall Street investment bankers just as they announce their  own year-end bonus packages,  TRIIIBE, arrives with the performance, Bailouts and Bonuses, Alicia, Kelly and Sara Casilio (identical triplets) carry briefcases full of money, panhandle for coins shaking tin cans. Filmmaker Yari Wolinsky created the short film Bailouts and Bonuses below


October 14, 2008 Place: Wall Street, New York, NY The performance group TRIIIBE (identical triplets) hits Wall Street with a guerrilla performance just as Wall Street banks prepare to pay year-end bonuses to top management at the same time asking for government bailouts, The three are dressed as businesswomen carrying briefcases overfilled with money while panhandling the public with tin cups. TRIIIBE sets up in front of the New York Stock Exchange and the American International Building, home of the insurance giant AIG. An article in the New York Times, says, "Wall Street is coming under mounting political pressure to cut bonuses for top executives, traders and bankers. [There is] increased concern among lawmakers and regulators about payments to executives, which have drawn strong public reactions since the government approved a $700 billion bailout to stabilize the financial system." The film is collaboration of TRIIIBE with filmmaker Yari Wolinsky.