Mathura, India. Dyers arrange the cloth to dry outside the shop of Umeshchand Rajput, where cloth is printed with script praising the Hindu gods.  The ground color as well as the printed color signifies a deity.  Yellow is Krishna's color. The Hindu scriptures say that Mathura was the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Red and white are the colors of Shiva. The cloth will be sold to pilgrims in important religious centers all over India.

In ancient times Mathura was a major capital, a place of trade at the hub of several caravan routes. 

PilgrIms Cloth

by Cary Wolinsky
Item number:  CW0031
Location:  Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
Created:  1997   Copyright:  1997

Edition and Image Sizes:  Not including border. 
18h by 27w inches, edition 30      

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Frame:  Unframed
Print Method:  Archival Inkjet
Signature:  Obverse, right side, Cary S Wolinsky

Gallery Information:  Pucker Gallery, Boston

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