Triiibe stages a guerrilla action, titled Art on Art/People on Plywood, in the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston during the exhibition, The World as a Stage. For nearly four hours the group takes over the sculpture, Falha by artist Renata Lucas. Triiibe uses part of the Lucas work (hinged sheets of plywood) to create a set of pedestals. Sara Casilio, strikes a pose atop a pedestal as The Museumgoer. Next to her is a plaque reading, The Museumgoer, April 2008. Mixed media. Kelly Casilio and Alicia Casilio, dressed as ICA museum guards, pose near The Museumgoer.
     Several other pedestals, complete with plaques and titles such as Recently Divorced, Pretty Girl, Man and Child, Entrepreneur, Security Guard, In Love, Sixty Percent Water and Damaged are placed on pedestals, ready to receive any visitor who would like to become art. Photographer Cary Wolinsky with the help of student volunteers, photographs each "work of art" as it evolves.Delighted by the reaction, the exhibition's curator, invites Triiibe back for another performance and the fun begin again.

Art on Art/People on Plywood, A film created by TRIIIBE and filmmaker Yari Wolinsky.